Game Developers Conference, Mar 5-9, 2012

The Game Developers Conference is coming up! If you're interested in joining the gaming industry, this is the place to be! Hundreds of game development companies will be present to show off their latest products, recruit new employees, and lead workshops on video game development.

Building the Facebook Timeline

An interesting read about the engineering effort that went into making the new Facebook Timeline possible. Database programmers will especially enjoy the process, as it involved denormalizing massive amounts of data to enable fast, chronological access.

11 Programming Trends to Watch

Depending on your perspective and proximity to the bleeding edge, the world of programming evolves either too fast or too slow. But whether you're banging out Cobol or hacking Node.js, one fact remains clear: Programmers must keep an eye on the latest programming trends to remain competitive in ever-shifting job markets.

Every so often, our understanding of the ways and means of programming needs to be renewed or replaced just like an operating system or a library. Here we offer a look at 11 recent trends that capture how programming is changing.

Read the entire article at InfoWorld.

Computer Gaming in the News!

Last semester a news crew from Fox 40 News came to Sierra College to interview some students about the computer gaming industry. We're very excited to get our department in the news! The story ran on December 22, 2010.

Click here to see the video. Thanks to everyone who participated!

CS Department Featured in Sac Bee

The Sacramento Bee ran a great story on the front page of the Business section today about the video game courses we offer here at Sierra College. Video gaming is a multi-billion-dollar industry and Sierra College is excited to help students launch their careers in it.

Thanks to students Frank, Lynch, Dirk, Steve and everyone else who took time from their vacation to help with the photos! Click below for the article or grab a copy of Sunday's paper.

Article: Rocklin's Sierra College gets serious about video games

Students Attend JavaOne Free!

JavaOne is the industry's annual conference for Java developers. Come learn about how Java is being used throughout the world to develop web applications, mobile phone apps, robotics, and domain-specific languages that leverage the JVM. Hundreds of vendors will be on-site to answer questions and showcase their products and services (read: lots of swag!). Last year's event featured after-hours parties with rock bands, Segways to ride, and a carnival! The conferences costs $1,795, but students can attend for free (click here for more info). Your pass includes access to everything regular conference attendees get, including hands-on labs, keynotes, and panel sessions.

The conference runs September 19-23 in San Francisco. Going for even one day would be a worthwhile experience!

AS3 Internship Opportunity

5th Planet Games, Inc. is a Roseville-based company behind one of the fastest growing independent games on Facebook, Dawn of the Dragons. They are looking to bring on a couple interns that are interested in learning more about Social Gaming and the possibility of turning it in to a career. Currently they are looking for interns with Action Script 3 experience.

If interested, contact Prof. Susie Herberholz via email.

Silicon Valley Code Camp

CodeCamp at Foothill College.The Silicon Valley Code Camp is coming! This event brings together over a thousand developers from around Northern California. It will be held October 9 & 10, 2010 at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills. Best of all, Code Camp is FREE!

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