New Course: Game Development Fundamentals (CS 21)

We're pleased to announce a new class for Spring 2009: Game Development Fundamentals. Are you interested in learning about video game design, game play, and getting into the industry? Even if you have no prior programming experience, this class may be for you!

Game Development Fundamentals lays the groundwork for a career in the computing game industry. Learn about:

  • What makes a game fun
  • Creating compelling objectives and reward systems
  • Art, animation, sound effects, and music
  • User interfaces
  • Marketing
  • Societal impacts of computer games
  • Careers in the gaming industry

Using the concepts you've learned, you'll create a computer game that you can show and give to your friends! No programming experience required. There is no prerequisite for this course; anyone who has an interest in learning about computer games can take it.

This class will be offered Spring 2009 on Tuesday/Thursday 11:00-12:20 (lecture) and Thursday 12:30-1:35 (lab). Course code 75150.

For more information, email Prof. Susie Herberholz,