CS 95 - Internship


Designed for advanced students to work in an area related to their educational or occupational goal. Internships may be in the areas of software engineers, system analysts, system programmers, web programmers and web server administrators. Provides new on-the-job technical training under the direction of a worksite supervisor allowing students to expand knowledge and skills in the chosen field. Mandatory orientation session and faculty approval to determine eligibility. May be taken four times for credit.


Must be concurrently enrolled in and complete at least 7 units including internship course for fall and spring semester internships, or at least one other course for summer internships.

Course Outcomes

  1. Evaluate potential internship opportunities in terms of meeting personal and career growth needs by completing and submitting required internship paperwork.
  2. Apply the requirements and procedures learned in the mandatory orientation in the internship experience.
  3. Establish two on-the-job learning objectives related to new or expanded responsibilities or learning objectives that contribute to current occupational or educational goals.
  4. Through work experience, under the direction of worksite supervisor, perform duties related to learning objectives.
  5. Evaluate learning experience in writing or by project related to learning objectives;
  6. List duties and hours required based on units attempted.
  7. Upon successive course repetitions, two new measurable learning objectives are established and achieved.


Contact Barry Brown for more information about internships.


Internships are available year-round.