CS 70 - Microcontroller Programming


Microcontroller programming techniques. Topics include microcontoller architecture, peripheral programming, high-level language interfacing and real-time control methodologies. Extensive practice writing microcontroller programs. Students are required to implement a substantial project.


Completion of CS 39 or equivalent.

Course Outcomes

  1. Write microcontroller software with a combination of a high-level language and assembly language.
  2. Use a real-time executive (kernel) in the construction of a microcontroller system.
  3. Organize, document and implement a substantial (>1000 lines) real-time microcontroller software project.
  4. Program at least five types of peripheral devices including, but not limited to, the following: UART, SPI, timer/counter, analog-to-digital converter, parallel input/output ports.


Mike Dobeck


This course is offered in a hybrid (combination of online and classroom) format.