CS 66 - Object-Oriented Programming Using C++


An introduction to the concepts of object-oriented programming and the application of the C++ language. Extensive programming practice using C++ as the vehicle toward modular, reusable object-oriented code.


Completion of CS 12 or CS 46 or equivalent

Course Outcomes

  1. Describe the principles and advantages of object-oriented
  2. Design programs that take advantage of the modularity of object-oriented programs.
  3. Write programs using all of the syntactic features of C++.
  4. Evaluate and modify programs using C++.
  5. Use object-oriented language concepts in software development projects including encapsulation, abstraction, instantiation, overloading, inheritance, composition, and polymorphism.
  6. Apply appropriate data structures and abstract data types in lab assignments.
  7. Incorporate file-handling techniques for data input, output, and updating using C++ methods for text and random access file organization.
  8. Solve business problems using the C++ language for complex problem solving.


Tom Owens (online)


This course is offered every semester, including summer, in an online format.