CS 59P - Web Programming with PHP


Create dynamic, session-oriented, data-driven web sites using the PHP scripting language. Covers processing fill-out forms, database backends, session management, authentication and searching.


Completion of CS 12 or CS 27 or equivalent.
Advisory: Completion of CS 62 or equivalent.

Course Outcomes

  1. Write PHP programs utilizing fundamental programming concepts: variables, methods, conditionals, and loops.
  2. Analyze PHP programs and correct errors (bugs) so the programs run correctly.
  3. Write correct SQL (Structured Query Language) statements using the basic SQL commands: CREATE TABLE, DROP TABLE, SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE.
  4. Create a database-backed PHP application and demonstrate its correctness.
  5. Utilize the layout concept in a Ruby on Rails application.
  6. Utilize session management techniques (including session IDs and cookies) in a PHP application.


Tim McGowen (online)


This course is offered in the fall semester in an online format.